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Cultural Association Centro Zen Firenze

The "Associazione Culturale Centro Zen Firenze" is a lay, volunteer-based, non-profit, cultural association.

Its primary purpose is to promote Zen meditation by fostering the study, understanding, and development of Zen practice. It is open to everyone irrespective of one's religious faith, race, gender, or nationality. It also promotes the study of Japanese culture and those Arts related to Zen philosophy such as Haiku, Calligraphy, Ikebana, and Martial Arts.

In order to achieve its goals, the Association organises seminars, study sessions, exhibitions, performances, and cultural events. These occasions aim to spread and improve the understanding of Zen Buddhist religion, culture, and philosophy. The Association also promotes cooperation among schools, universities, and researchers. It also sponsors the translation, printing, and distribution of original Zen philosophy texts.

The "Associazione Culturale Centro Zen Firenze" is a legal entity registered in the Public Records of the Italian Revenue Service and its Statute and its activities conform to Italian Laws and Regulations.