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What is Zen?

In its essence, Zen is the art of seeing the true nature of every being. It is a Buddhist philosophy that cannot be describe by thought, but only through practice it becomes a powerful moving force: an art of living, a way of being. Since all sentient beings are already Buddha, completely free, the problem remains on how to realize it and carryout the truth to radically transform our ordinary ways of living. According to Zen, this is done through practicing, that consists in simply living with all of our being and acting in accordance with our nature: “When you are walking, walk, when you are sat down, sit, and most of all, do not stagger.”

Who is it for?

Without preclusion of belief or thought to everyone who would like to follow the path of spiritual research founded upon a discipline of the body and mind that conducts an active acceptance of one’s daily life and recognizing its extraordinary value.

What kind of commitment is required?

A meditation practice (Zazen, or seated meditation) done individually and collectively together with other followers along with the search for a mental presence of awareness in every action of our daily lives.

Zen is a way that one practices seated and in everyday actions.

Zazen: is the posture of the body-spirit, the heart of Zen

Za: To be seated and stable like a mountain.
Zen: meditation to understand the essence of the universe.
Zazen: the posture of the body-spirit the heart of Zen.

Kin-hin: walking meditation

Kin-hin: walking meditation that began directly with Shakyamuni Buddha. It is Zazen in movement as every action of our lives should be: completely concentrated on every movement without thinking about one or the other. The first and following are only products of our imagination.

Sutra: texts that reproduce the Buddha’s speeches or those by the ancient Teachers

Sutra: texts that reproduce the Buddha’s speeches or those by the ancient Teachers. Reciting the Sutra is both intellectual comprehension and energetic vibration is it above all like in Zazen, to be One together with others and abandoning one own ego and every individuality.

Ocha: letteralmente tè verde

Ocha: literally green tea. According to legend, a green tea plant grew where the Bodhidharma threw his eyelids that were cut off so he would not fall asleep during the nine years in which he sat in meditation trying to realize himself.