Lo Zen e l’incontro II

8th June 2024 | 9:30 – 14:00

Uno Zen, tanti Zen” with Anna Maria Shinnyo Marradi and Dario Dōshin Girolami in dialogue with Stefano Davide Bettera.

Sixth workshop of the cycle: “Lo Zen e l’incontro – approfondimenti dottrinali e nuove prospettive” of training, practice and study on Zen doctrine, ethics, and new perspectives of practice.

The second cycle of six training, practice and study workshops on Zen doctrine, ethics, and new perspectives on practice.

Each meeting begins with a brief introduction to the form and a meditation led by Rev Shinnyo Marradi so that inner silence brings the heart back into a listening sphere. This will be followed by the speaker’s words on the proposed intervention. The workshop ends with a vegetarian meal in awareness.

At the Sala Artusi, “Il Conventino Caffè Letterario”.

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